Friday, August 21, 2009


This is Pixar's 10th movie to date (it has produced numerous cartoons in the past),and Docter,who has work for Pixar since 1990,is one of the pioneers of this phenomenal company.

Though this is only his second feature film,it is undoubtely the best thing to hit the big screen this year.

This computer-animated featured film is about former balloob salesman Carl Fredickson (Asner),who decides to uproot his house with thousands of helium-filled balloons and go on an adventure to find Paradise Falls in South America,just as his childhood hero Charles Muntz (Plummer) did.

He,however,has an unexpected partner -an overzealous wilderness explorer name Russell (Nagai),who in his determination to earn an 'assist the elderly' badge,ends up coming along for the ride.

With Rusell in tow,the two finally find Paradise Falls and meet amazing creatures such as a colourful bird Russells calls Kevin and a good-natured dog called Dug (co-director Bob Peterson)

However,they also find Muntz who is determined to capture Kevin in order to redeem himself in the scientific community.

The movie is filled with hillarious as well as heartfelt moments.The tender moments between Carl and his wife Ellie (voiced by Elizabeth Docter) are beautifully captured.

The vivid colours of the visuals are breathtaking and the score by Academy Award nominee (Ratatouille and The Incredibles) Michael Giacchino is brilliant!

The movie has an emotional core to it and that is what a good movie is all about.It would be a great shame to miss it..
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