Monday, September 7, 2009

+waiting for Priscillia+

dear Priscillia,as i said earlier, it takes a long2 time 2 cnfrmed d order wif u..hik3..u noe wt,i dh siap one of the part colour of d cubic cuz waiting 4 u 2 cnfrm d order..sounds dat im so free right..ok Pris, juz wishing u gd luck n take care ya..will miss ur lil sweet voice afta diz..send my regards 2 Singapore..Farhana n Yazhid 2..cuz i noe u will read my blog and so on u will "explore" my blog as u said earlier..hik3..thanks 4 everythg Pris..
p/s ask Farhana 2 help u 2 translate my words if u cant understand..

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